Island Survival Dev Diary [EP02]

Episode 2 is up! Lots of cool stuff in today’s build, so watch the video here:

“Welcome to Episode 2 of the Island Survival Dev Diary.

In this episode, I’ll go over the changes made during Day 2 of the game’s development.

I added 4 new objects to the game, shown here, with Collision detection and depth sorting for all objects now working properly.

I also started on a simple in-game editor, which will be included in the full version of the game.

You can open and close the editor at any time by pressing E.

While the editor is open, you can toggle the grid overlay by pressing G. Pressing the key again will change the grid mode and another press will turn it back off.

You can place tiles by first selecting the tile type in the toolbar, and then clicking or dragging the mouse in the world to paint those tiles.

I’ve added simple texture patterns to the tiles to make it more obvious what material they represent.

Pressing the arrows on either side of the object preview window will allow you to choose an object, which you can then paint in the same manner as tiles.

Currently there is no way to paint objects and tiles separately or to delete objects once placed, but I’ll add those features soon.

That concludes Episode 2. Thanks for watching.”

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