Melee Man Viral Launch

The viral version of Melee Man is now available on a few different sites and will soon be available on even more – details below!

Melee Man - Screenshot Melee Man Screenshot

Melee Man just went live on Kongregate! As with Jetpack Jerome, I’ll be developing a Kongregate Arcade version for mobile as well.
Melee Man on Kongregate – Votes appreciated!

Melee Man is also available on Newgrounds, which just so happens to be the sponsor site! It comes complete with Newgrounds Medals identical to those found in-game.
Melee Man on Newgrounds (with Medals) – Votes appreciated!

Ninja Dart
A new portal site that I just launched, Ninja Dart, is also a proud host of Melee Man. This portal is mostly an experiment with AV Arcade Pro, so please excuse any strangeness you might encounter until I can figure out all the odds and ends. :D
Melee Man on Ninja Dart
The Official Melee Man website now contains a link to play the game. I’ll be updating the site soon with better presentation media, a news area, and a distribution package!

Distribution Feeds
The game will go up in both Playtomic‘s and Flash Game Distribution‘s distribution feeds sometime tomorrow.

Android Marketplace
Both Melee Man and Jetpack Jerome will soon be available on the Android Marketplace as downloadable apps. I’ve already got both games ported and just need to make a few optimization and quality assurance passes to make sure they’re ready for you fine folks. I’ll post a link when they’re available!

That just about covers everything Melee Man related. I’m flying down to Louisiana to visit my family over the holidays, so I apologize if my next post is delayed a bit (as this one unfortunately was). Thanks for reading!

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